a life in captions

One, two, three, four; I declare a corgi war!

No trip to Giando’s is complete without a mercado visit 🍅🍅🍆 (at Mercato by Giando)

Shraaamp salad sandwaaach

Rockin’ blonde and chillin’ with Pharrell… #doppelganger

❤️💜💛 my new iPhone case! #throwback #snackattack #樂天熊仔餅

How to eat that Islam Food veal goulash and avoid that money shot (at 清真牛肉館(九龍城分店))

Best moment of last night was not meeting Chris Hemsworth but removing these damn shoes and seeing my fluffy friends #thorgi

Thor and some photo whore

When in Asia… We #selfie.

Why, WHY, WHYYYY are people lining up for dessert at 11pm on a Monday night? Putting the YIU in Yiu Wah Gai.

Foxy and Woofy’s day of fun!


Things that make you go mmmmmm 😝😝😝

You think beauty editors are all fluff? I learned about Langerhans cells today. What did you learn? #yourmomisalangerhans #perksofthejob #whichbtwisworsthashtagever

Two grilled cheeses book-ending double dry-aged patties. And some extra cheese. Ingredients for a fuck-yeah Tuesday night. (at The Butchers Club Burgers)