a life in captions

🐮❤️ aka ox heart and the best fries I’ve had in my whole freaking life!! #offal #offthehook #cleareyesfullheartscantlose (at St. John’s Bar and Restaurant)

Au revoir Paris! #tumiglobalcitizens

Meet Alexander. He’s an herb. This guy was foraged, aka kidnapped, and used for dinner at Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs. RIP Alex, you were so tasty. (at Bubbledogs Kitchen Table)

Paris essentials part deux (at Le Meurice Hotel Paris)

Paris essentials part one (at Jardin des Tuileries)

The moment our lives changed forever 😘 (at Ibericus Amsterdam)

Budding love (at Amsterdam Flower Market)

We made it! #tumiglobalcitizens

But mommy you just got back, why do you have to leave again tonight? #packing #repacking #tumiglobalcitizens

Rambling down La Rambla #barcelona

60 hours in Barcelona on less than seven hours of sleep made worth it for moments like these… I think 😴😴😴

Say #CHEESE! (at Tapa Tapa)

Gonna miss you #hongkong!

Splashy splashy!