a life in captions

#frankgehry being interviewed at the #fondationlouisvuitton (at Fondation Louis Vuitton)

Welcome home, me! Got hairy in a hurry. (at 老上海飯店)

In Paris to check out @louisvuitton’s new art crib by Frank Gehry… Seemed apt to also stop by IM Pei’s once polarizing museum structure too (at Musée du Louvre)

Training for the 10k in the prettiest place ever! #runforrestrun

Ate lunch, went to the Foodlink bazaar, hiked to the reservoir, went to the market, @chanlo1 cooked a four-course seafood dinner, enjoyed tea and cookies, got a foot massage and came home by 9:15pm. Most productive day ever! Now going to do a home facial. #jacketsweekend (at Tai Tam Reservoir)

Foxy couldn’t make it to my birthday dinner because she’s not allowed on public transportation but somehow Woofy made it! Thank you @chanlo1 😘😘😘 (at Naked - Gurume Gyarari グルメ画廊)

Back to reality #badpuns #chiangmai (at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai)

#chiangmai (at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai)

Left the pool now glued to the news. Refresh refresh refresh. Momentary loss of faith in the system followed by surge of relief as civilians flood Mongkok to protect the students. This photo comes from @bethinying who has been there day and night through sickness after getting drenched in the rain and still hasn’t missed a day of work. 💪💪 @chanlo1 and I support you! #occupymongkok #OccupyHK

Guiltily enjoying life under another kind of umbrella… Less political symbolism, more SPF protection. (at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai)

The heavy rain pretty much sucks and especially at this hour, but pockets of people are still there — under bridges or at the bus terminus, but still there. #OccupyCentral

If you are not at the protest tonight, please support local businesses so that their livelihoods are not damaged while we fight for our rights! #OccupyCentral #hk #hongkong

Koala kases are the koolest!

Hey moms, planking ain’t that hard, we do that shit ALL DAY EVERY DAY. GET UP now and give us snacks you weakling. @corgidaily (at Cyberport 數碼港)

Congrats to the Lerchbaumer party! #mybestfriendswedding 💋💗😘 #lerchbaumerparty (at Hong Kong City Hall)